Who are we and What can we offer to expanded our product range and services to become a highly efficient one-stop F&B provider. Mags Food Packaging is one of the take away food containers of plastic food storage containers packaging suppliers in Malaysia who aspires to bring convenience and affordability to you. Our aim is to help companies in the challenging F&B business stay competitive.


Our take away food containers place a high priority on its commitments to customer service and satisfaction, by ensuring finest quality, competitive pricing, fast and accurate order processing to keep our customer happy.


We now offer a large range of Food Packaging Solutions widely used packing products for restaurants, bakeries, delis, chemists, catering, caterers, cafes and food processing industries such as Plastics range like Plastic Food Container, Plastic Cake Container, Plastic Food Tray, Plastic Cups, and Catering Packaging.


Additional Food Packaging including Ziplock Bag, 3 Side Seal Bag, Insulated Cooler Bag, Cutlery Set Printing, Pocket Tissue, Zip Lock Packaging, Courier Flyer Bag, Coaster Printing are also available.


We are among many others supplier with extensive range of flexible packaging materials will ensure your business has the latest packaging technology available to increase productivity and reduce costs.


We widely respected provider of disposable food packaging to delight our customers with an extensive range of quality products and provide convenient and reliable service and with a low cost are suitable for use in food contact applications.


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