Flat Bottom Pouch Bag

As far as Stand up pouch and 3 side seal bag are concerned, we have flat bottom pouches also known as also. They are affordable in price and are called by different names that include block bottom pouch, brick pouch, square bottom bags, box bottom bags, box pouch, quad sealed flat bottom, three side gusset bags, coffee bag and by different other names.

Pre-made pouch bags are the trending packaging material for any end products. Almost products manufacturers are desire with pouch package since it will proffer numerous flexibility than another packaging.

These high quality and latest flat bottom pouches look like brick or box style and while they have gussets on the left and the right side as well as on the bottom. The flat bottom bag is able to save fifteen percent of packaging material because of its unique design, there are also flat bottom pouch with zipper as choice. Flat bottom pouches or flat bottom pouch with zipper are the most vital type of packaging solutions that are serving different packing domains like coffee, tea, confectionery, biscuits, pet food, organic products, chocolates, muesli, spices, pulverulent products such as industrial glue, chemicals, and cocoa powder, pharmaceuticals, and various others

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