Plastic Cup 

While you can hold onto our plastic food packaging and savour your meal, we also offer the option of plastic cups for your drinking. We have variety choice for disposable plastic cups with lids and lid like in common dome lids and flat lids with different sizes.

With us, we want to make sure you get to enjoy your delicious food at the scene itself but also be able to take away the food and have it in the comfort of your very own home and office. At Mags Food Packaging, we do our very best to be one of the plastic cup supplier in Malaysia who is able to cater to your needs with our efficient services and convenient for disposable plastic cup.

We have many size of plastic cups, and with the multiple uses for cold drink cups, warm drink cups, party cups and many more. The disposable plastic cup non-toxic and easy take away with Various designs for selection and large range size from 1 oz to 66 oz.  With this The food-grade A, biodegradable & recyclable transparent plastic cup with not easy to leak, strong and durable to hold your drinks.

Order from us today and have a carefree meal with our plastic cups for your company and your selves.

Mags Food Packaging  adalah salah satu pengeluar dan pembekal cawan plastik lutsinar. Kualiti cawan plastik kami adalah yang terbaik dan tahan lama dengan harga yang murah. Cawan air plastik sangat sesuai untuk minuman sejuk, seperti kopi ais, smoothie, air, soda dan jus. Kami juga menyediakan pelbagai jenis penutup yang boleh digunakan dengan cawan plastik yang sedia ada.